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Thread: Photo manipulation / Manipulación fotográfica

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    Photo manipulation / Manipulación fotográfica

    This is an image of K. Winslet (Titanic, and other films).
    Here I have applied only one version of the spatula on the picture, and in 5 minutes.
    I attached the original image.

    Se trata de una imagen de K. Winslet (titanic, y otros films).
    Aquí he aplicado solamente una versión de la espátula sobre la fotografía, y en 5 minutos.

    Adjunto la imagen original.
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    Regards from Chile
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    This technique has some potential... its almost like looking through heavily textured glass.
    "I paint because I love to cut mats" (Arthur Alexander)

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    AR is not advertised as a photo manipulation program but you have shown that it is possible within the confines of the program to do some photo manipulation.
    Someone here said recently that the artist makes the program, the program does not make the artist.

    You have shown those words are true.

    Looks good

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