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Thread: Custom picker utility

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaiko View Post
    Sammy ( made a palette that has real pigments for oil artists and I would like to convert it to a colour picker.

    Thank you for any tip.
    Any image can be used as a color picker. With the .col file you've linked to, you could get away with just taking a screen shot of the samples panel and using it within your Color Picker. If the size of the squares are to small, you could sample the color from the samples panel and use the Ink Pen to create dabs of the colors, which you could then export as a PNG image to use with the Color Picker. I've actually made a Sticker Spray preset which makes single dots for this, so that I can easily move them around as single stickers and arrange them nicely within a stencil I made that is an outline of the color picker area. If you don't feel like doing it yourself at the moment, just save and use either of the examples below (which are sampled from the .col link you provided).

    Here's an example where I just took a screen shot of the Samples panel, and resized it to fit within the color picker panel.

    Name:  oils2.png
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Size:  35.0 KB

    Here's an example where I sampled the colors. I used my sticker spray to make dots and then arranged them to fit into the panel better:

    Name:  oils.png
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    Quote Originally Posted by Someonesane View Post
    ... just save and use either of the examples below (which are sampled from the .col link you provided)
    THANK you so much for the help! Your explanation is very good indeed, and you took time to do the work for me. Fantastic!
    Well, after following your indications, I tried to do the whole thing. I managed to select the new colour-picker from my disk (the one that you provided on the example).
    And after a while experimenting with mixing colours, I realized that I needed just a few of them, so I changed it. At the end it was kind of easy (you know, when you already know something it is easy )

    Well, thank you for your help on this.

    [(While I was mixing colours I realized something that I did not know about "real colour blending" function on the colour panel. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do more realistic mixing (like traditional oils paints) when "real colour blending" function is off.
    I always had this function ON. I knew that if I mixed yellow + blue I will get a green that had its brightness inaccurated for the real world. So it has been a bit tricky to work on oils on AR.
    (that made me tried CorelPainter. I almost put ArtRage on the box but the complexity of CorelPainter made me realized that it was not for me. So I returned to ArtRage)
    As I was saying, trying with this function OFF, the colours seems to me to be more accurate related to the real colours on traditional mediums.

    In the end I would like to know what is the real purpose of the Real colour blending? only for digital work? ] EDITED: I found the solution on the ArtRage´s Manual.

    Thank you for any help related to this concern. I would really appreciate that.

    For me ArtRage is unbeatable!... SOOOOOOO easy to use and to customize that we can work without knowing too much of its power

    CONGRATULATIONS to ArtRage team!

    [if you manage to add a time control function, like for doing simple animations, that will be more than good! ]
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    Hi all ArtRagers,

    I would like some help from you, if you know this, or just point me to the right post if this same question was answered before.

    I am struggling to understand how do I load a user Colour Picker and turns it to be the default picker every time I open ArtRage? I mean, everytime I open AR the colour picker is already loaded.

    Any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaiko View Post
    how do I load a user Colour Picker and turns it to be the default picker every time I open ArtRage? I mean, everytime I open AR the colour picker is already loaded
    There is no way to keep user created color pickers loaded in the color picker. You have to manually load them in each time. A workaround is to load the color picker, then save the painting and use that .PTG file as your shortcut to opening the program. Doing this will ensure that the user created color picker you want will be opened with ArtRage. Just be sure to use the "save as" option, so you don't overwrite the file.
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    Hi Someonesane,

    I am glad for your help. Thank you

    As I am used to work on different images before I finish them, your workaround is the solution for a better working.
    So, I have done what you are referring, but something is missing, from me of course. I am not able to have my custom picker loaded when I click on the .PTG file !

    As ArtRage saves folders on different parts of the disk, I opened both two and paste the folder named "Paleta Limitada" with my custom picker inside it. Then when to open ArtRage, choose my custom picker from the disk, save the image using "save as", and then re-open it without any result
    C:\Users\Carlos\AppData\Roaming\Ambient Design\ArtRage\Resources\Pickers\Paleta Limitada
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ambient Design\ArtRage 4\Resources\Pickers\Paleta Limitada

    Have got any idea what is going on?

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    Quite a few years later I find this post and amazing utility (which still runs on my Windows 8).

    Many thanks (from a Python programmer ).



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    custom pickers

    thanks for this! works with win 8.1

    I made a few pickers from color palettes from the forums

    Name:  AmsterdamOilColour.png
Views: 332
Size:  24.1 KBName:  Copic-Full-Marker-Spectrum0_107.png
Views: 329
Size:  36.3 KBName:  Copic-Full-Marker-Spectrum107_215.png
Views: 336
Size:  35.2 KBName:  copic-sketch.png
Views: 331
Size:  40.8 KBName:  fmr-WC Swatches ArtRage.png
Views: 335
Size:  20.8 KB

    complete zip file with 20 pickers available for download from

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    new color pickers

    I made more pickers using the program.
    Free download at

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	color shades cover large.jpg 
Views:	154 
Size:	380.0 KB 
ID:	86767

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    Bumping! Check out the first post of this thread by member azathothgr .

    I have spent a happy hour or so playing with this amazing little programme which converts photos/images into colour pickers for AR.

    Name:  color picker.jpg
Views: 161
Size:  103.6 KB......Name:  color picker2.JPG
Views: 156
Size:  20.2 KB
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