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    Custom picker utility

    Here's a little python utility to convert .col files to custom color pickers, and create picker templates.
    I'm not sure if it will work, please help me test it.

    Linux :

    Windows :

    Just extract the directory somewhere, and then drop a .col file over the executable.
    You can also drop a simple txt file containing an integer, to create a transparent picker template for that amount of colors, which you can then fill up in gimp or photoshop.
    Alternatively, you can use it from a command line.

    There's a more or less arbitrary limit of more than 3 and less than 168 colors per picker. If the .col file has more than that, it will be split accordingly in roughly equal sized parts.

    The png images will be created at the location of the .col or .txt file.

    For linux it's command line only I'm afraid, the drag & drop behavior is different.

    If it doesn't work, please run it from a command line (start> run> cmd) in case there's any messages displayed.

    I attached two examples, created from palettes uploaded to this forum.

    PS: don't forget to scan it for viruses, it's an executable after all. I've included the source in both archives, in any case.

    EDIT: new links, palette from image functionality
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