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Thread: Issue with the AR installer running when clicking on a PTG file

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    Issue with the AR installer running when clicking on a PTG file

    Hello Dave! Per your instructions:

    For anyone having the problem described where you double click on a ptg file and instead of launching ArtRage, it runs the ArtRage installer, please post on the Technical forum to let us know:

    1/ What operating system you're using

    Windows XP Professional
    2/ What version of ArtRage's installer is running when you double click a ptg file
    3/ What versions of ArtRage do you have installed currently?
    V2.5.20 & V3.0.5
    4/ What versions of ArtRage have you previously had installed on your system.
    V2.5.20, V3.0.0, & V3.0.5

    Let me know if there is any other info you may need from me!

    Thanks, Eileen

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    Similar problem?

    Hi Eileen / Dave, I don’t think this quite the same problem, but it might be related as in my particular case, the AR loading screen reappears when I get the following error message.

    “ArtRage Studio Pro has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

    This happens when I double click to open ptg file. Everything looks ok until the ‘Loading file... 0%’ box pops up.

    The error message box appears underneath the AR splash screen, which reappears underneath the ‘Loading file...’ box, with just a small segment of the error box showing. Clicking the box clears the screen leaving just the error message.

    I am able to reproduce the error with any file, but only in about one in three tries, the other times it opens normally.

    Normally I would be quite concerned at this point, but if I start AR first, then open the file, there’s never a problem. I’ve also tried dragging the same file into AR and it also opens without a hitch.

    My system details are: Windows 7 Starter, AR SP v3.0.5 (updated from the launch version).

    Thanks, Jono

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    This sounds like what happened to me during the Beta testing, which turned out to be caused by my trying to remove default presets that I didn't think I'd use. Vista seemed to have an issue with me tinkering with MY program files.
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    Happened once here: i'm on Win7 64bit. Fixed it by fully uninstalling and reinstalling ArtRage, no problems since.
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