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Thread: My first color portrait

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    My first color portrait

    Well, I started drawing black and white portraits but this is actually my first attempt at drawing in color.
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    Very nice. I still haven't grown that far after all these years. Keep it up. Is she someone you know?

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    Andrei, very nice indeed.

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    The definition about the eyes and nose (especially the bridge of her nose) is completely mushy, the lips are flat, the shadows are black, there are extraneous shadows on the forehead and other places, the airbrush is overused...

    It's Loomis's "Drawing Head and Hands" time for you, sir/madam! The site's at as usual.

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    Thank you for the critique. Well you were right about the airbrush being overused because this is the only tool I used for the drawing . And the crayon for the initial sketch.

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    Thats amazing

    I really like this piece. You not only portrayed her face but also did her emotion and facial expression really well. I cant see much terribly wrong with it. Its an extremely good first atempt at color. My favorite thing to draw is portraits.

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    "Well you were right about the airbrush being overused because this is the only tool I used for the drawing"

    Check out Loomis's "Figure Drawing" and "Creative Illustration" then, too. He shows ways to use hard brushes to achieve much better results.

    In brief, you don't have to make everything smooth. There are always some definite planes in a face that you can enhance and either downplay or promote, to get a much livelier painting than the smooth, bland gradient of airbrush.

    Airbrush is really only for special effects, it is too bland to produce good energy-filled texture or a good contour on its own. Real-world airbrush art always - always! - involves a lot of masking (stenciling) for hard edges, and conventional brush work.

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    I HATE YOU hehe

    You have a lot of detail in the face, you should extend it to the hair. I would like to see some individual strands of hair with some light reflections to make her hair look shiny, she looks like she has been washing her hair with carbolic soap. Is that constructive enough Otherwise its spot on.
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    The global effect on first seeing the portrait is good, and this count too

    But indeed, after reading arenhaus remarks, indeed there is some part that need more work/rework ...

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    If I lived another 200 years, I MIGHT get good enough to do half that well. Great job!

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