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Thread: ihave artrage plus cd copy how do i put it on my netbook as well

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    ihave artrage plus cd copy how do i put it on my netbook as well

    have cd copy of artrage how do i put it on to netbook so i have full version on there as well ? any help would be appreciated thanks.

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    If you have no way of copying the ArtRage installer from the CD ( no CD drive, no network connection between your two computers ), you can download the latest ArtRage installer from our Member Area at

    1/ Click 'register' and follow the instructions if you have not done so before
    2/ Log in, click on 'My Products'
    3/ If you do not see your ArtRage software listed, register it by selecting 'ArtRage 2.5' next to 'Select a Product to register' then enter your registration key and click 'submit registration'
    4/ Click the 'click here to download' link and select the version of ArtRage you want to download. Save the file somewhere handy on your netbook then double click it to start installing ArtRage.
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