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Thread: Are Fred Harper like illustrations possible????

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    Are Fred Harper like illustrations possible????

    I want to create work like Fred Harper. He is beyond fantastic. His work is on almost every The Week cover...

    Can someone tell me if Art Rage can be used to do this type of work? And how it was done? Any additional information on how to gain skills so I can practice, practice, practice would be helpful.. books, youtube tutorials, anything...

    more of his work for The Week is at his web site. fredharper dot com

    Obviously, the art below is Fred Harper's.
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    Now, I'm not as capable or familiar with ArtRage as other members here, but so far it looks like it's able to do most anything! The limits are by the artist.

    I'd say that that picture is absolutely possible. It may be a little hard to replicate the watercolor-ish brush strokes in the background but I've seen illustrations and caricatures similar to it done around the forums. I'm afraid I can't link to any tutorials or anything, I haven't come across step by step instructions, but I think that if you played around enough that you'd be able to figure it out!

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    It's about your skill, not about the tools. ArtRage does not paint pictures, the artist does.

    In other words: if you know how to make something like this, it does not matter if you do it in oils, pencils or ArtRage. If you don't, ArtRage, oils or pencils won't help much.

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    wow that is a beautiful art piece. he is very talented. yes, i think it could be done in artrage considering the work I have seen by artists around here.
    Hanzz and Fashmir to name just a couple of artists that could do it.

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