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Thread: Give NZ Telecom your opinion

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    Give NZ Telecom your opinion

    In the announcement area Andy points out their difficulties with poor Broadband speeds, due to policy changes at NZ Telecom.

    I have already had my polite but forceful rant, join me here. There a lot of us so it could make a difference.

    Twitter too!

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    Can anyone quantify the potential loss of capacity to the AR broadband link?
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    Telecom has been through the courts about 3 times in the last year alone on Fair Trade issues...

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    We're working on this at the moment and have been told that something may be able to be done on Tuesday or Wednesday. Basically, our office broadband dropped in speed to around 128kbit last Monday from around 7mbit. Today, after a week of different engineers being sent out, we have been told that this is because the local telecom company has installed a new line that bypasses us to provide broadband to other customers and dropped us to the back of the line, with no warning.

    While this doesn't stop us writing code, we do rely on our connection to support our two development sites for source control, and it's critical for us to be able to interact with users, provide test builds, and download new operating system test builds and new SDKs for future development.

    So, the 3.0.6 update is coming along internally but we've had to slow down to ensure that our source code is maintained properly between our different development sites, and uploading test builds is extremely tricky. We have short term solutions but we're hoping that the telecoms company can provide us with a longer term solution soon. It's a tricky situation, but we are hopeful that we can get a solution soon. I've spent so much time on the phone this week bouncing between service providers that my ear hurts!
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    * sending stamina and positive energy your way*

    I hope you can sort this out soon.

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    I think you should just be your own wifi hotspot. Is that possible?

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