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Thread: is Studio Pro MP aware or will it be?

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    is Studio Pro MP aware or will it be?

    not to diminish the nearly incalculable evolutionary leap its just made to Studio Pro…

    Is Art Rage Studio Pro multi-processor-aware or will it be in future?

    if it is now, maybe I don't see it in menu meters if it blasts through the calcs needed to draw my strokes.

    Art Rage is pretty responsive, but where I begin to bog down is while working on large-size paintings, say on order of 30 inches by 15 inches at 300DPI.

    I have an 8-core nehalem Mac Pro here and it's a shame when most of those cores just sit there twiddling their thumbs...

    is Art Rage not the kind of application which can benefit from multiple cores?

    thanks for any insight.


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    I think it was mentioned somewhere here, that the AR team plans to look into getting the program to work with multiprocessors in the future. I may be mistaken though, so don't take it as fact until one of the AR team stops by.
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    Multiprocessor support is on the 'to do' list.
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    Is it also in the todo list to implement CUDA, OpenCL or direct compute support in artrage ? (I know it's probably a huge work, but people that do not have a 8 core nehalem may have more benefit from this implementation).

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    Yeah, I've been asking the team to consider using the GPU to do their maths for years. We have literal supercomputers with dozens of processors sitting on our desktops, and ArtRage still churns its engine through a single thread as if it were 1990. :P

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    I do think that it might be a very good improvement.

    Now I think that Artrage is very fast. I am using a netbook all the time with artrage and most of the tools are fluent with small canvas (1024*600). I often go with a 3000 * 1800 in which case some tools will works fine while some other will be awfully slow, but still the software is usable. The speed of the software on my netbook was one of my concern while choosing between Sketchbook, Sketchpad, Artweaver, Sai, ... Artrage was one of the fastest, and with the best ergonomy (personnal opinion, but I am computer engineer, and this GUI of yours is so wonderfull !! Great job AR team !! )

    So despite the fact that I am personnally very happy with AR speed, I think that :
    1) Handling multithreading will give more speed to user of quad core and more (with two core, it will not make a so big différence). Quad wore computer are still a little expensive
    2) Handling CUDA or Open CL (which I hope is supported on Mac, in opposition to direct compute) will give more speed to many many users !! (graphic cards able to use those techs costs only a couple of bucks).

    Maybe it's a personnal thought coming from the fact that my company starts to specializes in CUDA usage, and results rocks !

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