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Thread: Matte painting WIP

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    Aug 2008

    Smile Matte painting WIP

    I'm creating a matte painting concept for a my painting. I'll use this picture as photo reference.

    Title:The giant and the little man

    I made a picture of myself (in appropriate position)

    The Matte painting is very usefull for create a concept

    The Next Step SOON! (in this moment.. I'm studing the lights and shadows)

    Note: This is only the start compisition... and not an ending painting. Successive stages I'll use ArtRage for painting.
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    Oct 2007
    Looks like it will be a stunning work! (Knowing your painting skills)

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    May 2009
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    Great concept and use of composition tools. Will be fantastic to be able to watch this grow into one of your masterpieces Stefano. Thanks so much for posting this as a work in progress
    "I paint because I love to cut mats" (Arthur Alexander)

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    May 2008
    This is fantastic. I am currently doing just the same sort of thing. I have an image of a person reading in a deckchair, and found an image of the sea to put behind her. In doing so, I realised half way through the painting that the direction of he sea was wrong so I flipped that image and it looks right now.

    Without matting images in this way you could spend ages on something that just does not look aesthetically pleasing in the end. Grrrr.

    Thanks for the confirmation that I'm on the right lines.
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