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Thread: I am leaving ArtRage forums

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    I am leaving ArtRage forums

    I wanted to start with a new membership here but I understood that it is impossible. I have no wounds any. If I irritated you with my words, comments and paintings I hope that God forgive me. I am not a bad person, I am at the side of good humanity and friendship. I already said bye but now want to say goodbye. Levent Suberk (pepperband)
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    Levent, sorry, that you feel like leaving. I didn't have a chance to meet you yet, but what i have seen in your gallery is a mastership by itself. I wish you reconsider, so i will have the chance to see your work and critique the beginners work...Sigh... but i totaly understand how you probably come to this point.

    Wish you luck and happiness if you really must do what you have decided to do.

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    I must be STUPID ! I saw the painting you posted as Pepperband and was immedately struck by the likeness of the style of my Old Friend Levent Suberk................................but I didn't comment because this place has become too busy................send me a PM old friend ....Please???
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    Best to you

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    Sorry to see you go old friend and colleague! Donīt know your reasons, but we will miss you!

    (It is notable that since the release of the new version the forum isnīt as open and accepting as it used to be.)
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    I do not know the circumstances of your decision. Frankly I hope that you will reconsider for the selfish reason that you have been an inspiration in this community and to me. I have missed your presence, your art, your personality, and your good spirits. If you don't change your mind, if you do go, know that you go with all best wishes from me personally, and I know I'm not alone in that sentiment. You have often used the word "friend" in your posts, something I've always appreciated in your warm exchanges. Wherever you are and whatever you do, "friend" is the way I will always think of you.

    But I do hope you'll reconsider and maybe let pass whatever prompted your decision. You really have been missed.

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    Levent, I fully agree with everything that was said so far. I particularly agree with Byron's words. Know that I think your art is first rate. Your paintings are among the best of this forum

    I sincerely hope that your decision can be reviewed in the near future.
    All the best

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    I appreciate your work Levent,
    I don't know what your motivations are to leave the Forums,
    the only thing that I can see by myself is a slow down activity (but perhaps I am wrong) in the moment which is caused by the new arrival, it takes time to get used to the new version, well I can see a bit more but people are free to do what they want and should be doing then I can't make statements about missing people.
    I would like to know your motivations if you can speak about it...
    All the best, you may reconsider all that...
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    We are diminished my friend...

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    It's a sad day for sure to hear that you're leaving this forum Levent for whatever reasons that you find it necessary. Your contribution to this forum and to the digital art community is a godsend for all of us. Your artwork is thought provoking, sensational, awe inspiring, and deeply touches the emotions. It is evident from many of the members and your many friends here in this forum, that you are highly respected, loved and regarded as one of the best artists here. We can only wish and hope that someway, somehow your decision to leave and no longer contribute to this forum can be reversed. Many good thoughts and blessings to you....

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    Hello Levent. I am really sorry to hear this news. It's been great having you here on the ArtRage forums and you've been a wonderful contributor to the community. I can certainly help with creating a new account, that is no problem. If you would like assistance with that, please email me at or send me a private message on the forums, and I'll be happy to arrange it for you. Also, feel free to contact me with any concerns or let me know if you are having problems with other forum users and I'll gladly do what I can to help.
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