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Thread: Little Painter Girl

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    Little Painter Girl

    Here is a poem I wrote, which was inspired by my Gaia Online avatar:

    And without further ado, the poem.

    Little Painter Girl
    I visit these stones,
    Each day and night,
    Painting as,
    The doves take flight.

    My mother here,
    My father there,
    Mournful winds,
    Ruffle my hair.

    Oh, but why,
    And what do I owe?
    You've already gone to Hell,
    With my sanity in tow.

    It's just a hide and seek,
    A twisted little game,
    These mournful spirits,
    Are too far from tame.

    So I take sanctuary in paint,
    A colourful world of wonder,
    My little safe haven,
    Before I go under.

    So ask politely,
    And I'll give you a twirl,
    Because I'm nothing but,
    The Little Painter Girl.
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    Just a wonderful and delightful poem, Weeun! I envy your poetic's just remarkable and beautiful to have this gift. It is evident from your poem, storytelling and your paintings that you are a gentle soul that is well beyond her years. I always look forward to each and every post of yours!!!

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    Thank you so very much, Eileen!

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