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Thread: How long?

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    How long?

    How long < ON AVERAGE > does it take you to do a piece?

    Less than 1 hour?

    Less than 2 hours?

    Less than 5 hours?

    Less than 10 hours?

    Less than 20 hours?
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    Depends on the complexity of a piece.

    I can produce quick pencil scribbles in 30 seconds or even less. Or a sketch in 10 minutes. Or a fairly refined drawing in half an hour.

    But once you get into finished work, then it takes several hours to several tens of hours. On the average, it's 10 - 20 hours for a painting, but big ones (like, say, 100 cm canvas) take longer. It's proportional to the area and level of detail.

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    The average of mine is about 10 hours...
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    I have more or less the same answer than arenhaus for my digital paintings,
    in what is concerning the traditional media, a finished good work can take me a very , very long time,
    this is why I need digital art and this is also why I paint as I do .
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