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    Square Brush Tip

    ArtRage 2 is the best natural media simulator out there. Everything about it is king.

    But there ought to be an additional slider for the Oil Paintbrush that determines the initial taper of the brush stroke--kind of like an "attack" setting on a synth. We should have the option of coming in "square." The uniform initial taper of the strokes creates an artificial brushstroke texture that pervades my oil-painted images and punctures the illusion of real oil paint.
    I've attached an image comprised of about 50 left-to-right brush strokes that were not executed with any painstaking precision. Notice that the right edge (the "lift") has generated a nicely organic texture, but the left side has gone "digital" with the repeated "<" shape. With real oil paint, I couldn't reproduce a texture like that unless I was being meticulous and mechanical. So, even when I'm trying to be spontaneous and "random" with my strokes, I can't make my stroke textures feel like Ashcan School paintings because all of my strokes have a fundamental similarity. Imagine if every human had the same nose! I'm not saying that there's no time or place for uniformity in brush strokes; I'd just like a slider to control it a bit.
    The reason I'm being so nitpicky is that I believe that this is the last major hurdle before the ArtRage oil paint simulation can look like real, fresh, and chunky oil paint. When it's smeared about, it can already pass for the real deal. But the more difficult test is to make "chunky" (Sargent/Henri/Hassam/Chase) oil sketches look non-digital. Of course, it takes a gift from the heavens and years of work to paint like them. But another (and more easily fulfilled) requirement is the ability to paint a stroke of uniform thickness.

    Perhaps I've overlooked a way to do this. If this is the case, I'm sorry for being ignorant!

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    I'm with you on this one. You can only do so much with a tapered brush.

    "I grow older hoping to define myself, but I define myself as I grow older." ~JMC~

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    I'm with you, I almost always use a square brush when I do oil paintings the real way, even if it's not that often anymore.

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    Square Brush Tip and Now Another: Color Picker Cursor

    I am glad to see that I have found like-minded parties.
    Now I have another suggestion: a tiny cursor that sits in the color picker to show you where you last picked a color from. This way, when I'm using those super-cool grey swatches, I know which one I'm using, and can easily click two steps up or down without having to play trial-and-error every time. A crosshair or a circle would do.

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    There IS a dot in the regular color pickers

    But can this dot from the standard color pickers also exist in the custom ranges? It's weird that it doesn't. Bug?

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