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Thread: Multitouch gestures not working on canvas

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    Multitouch gestures not working on canvas

    I'm using an HP tx2z with Windows 7 x64 Home Premium, and almost every time I try to use multitouch gestures with the canvas it doesn't register. It works every time with panels, and sometimes (as in when I switch my fingers quickly from a panel) it does actually work (allowing me to scale/rotate/move the canvas), but almost every time I use 2 fingers on the canvas it does nothing but zoom at odd intervals (it would seem to be getting the basic zoom mappings built into Windows that it uses for applications that aren't touch-aware).
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    There is a problem with InkServices interfering with the Multitouch gesture system on the HP tx touch tablet PCs. If you go into ArtRage preferences and turn off simultaneous gestures you will still be able to use multitouch input, but only single actions at a time.
    For example: With simultaneous gestures *on* you can move and rotate and scale the canvas with one gesture.
    With simultaneous gestures *off* you can move the canvas with a gesture, or rotate the canvas with a gesture, or scale the canvas, but not all at the same time.
    And I'll keep looking to see if I can solve the conflict.
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    I have 2 Tablets, both running Windows 7 Professional:

    • Fujitsu Siemens LifeBook T4410: multitouch works well
    • Lenovo ThinkPad X201: multitouch does not work simultaneously.

    I was wondering if there is any solution in sight for the multitouch / simultaneous gestures issues.


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    ArtRage supports the Windows OS Multitouch standard API but it seems that not all hardware correctly supports this standard. Unfortunately that means that until the drivers for the touch system are updated it may not be able to provide correct Windows Multitouch messages to the application.

    In some cases, the Ink Services system of the OS and the hardware touch drivers can interfere with each other. Turning off Ink Services in the ArtRage Preferences/Input pane may solve this.
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    Thanks for your timely reply, Matt.
    The only way to currently properly use the dragging/scaling/rotating gestures on my Lenovo X201 Tablet is to turn of simultaneous gestures.
    If the option is set to "on", then the simultaneous gestures only work the first time, i.e. after I launch ArtRage; the second time, only scaling works, and only in large intervals.
    I dedected a peculiar workaround: if I change the zoom factor manually, then all gestures work again, at least for one more time.
    Quite peculiar...

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