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Thread: Editing stencils?

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    Editing stencils?

    Is there a way in AR to edit the stencils you have in an image? Something like working with layer masks in Painter or Photoshop? To add - or subtract - something from the stencil while it's on the image...

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    There's no way to directly edit the contents of a stencil while it's on your canvas but there are two alternatives you could try:

    1. (Studio/Studio Pro) Selections: The Selection tool allows you to add and subtract from a selection set. Studio Pro also gives intersection and difference options for the tool, and a paintable mask that can then be edited post-application. The drawback is that you only get one selection at a time.

    2. (All Versions) Multiple Stencils: Stencils work together, so you can add more if you want to change the area that is masked. This works for rulers too if you want to create more complex line layouts.

    Neither are exactly the same but one of those might help.
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