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Thread: Transform tool suggestions

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    Transform tool suggestions

    Here are a few enhancements I would like to see to the Transform tool:
    • the ability to delete the current selection (by pressing delete key or right click>delete)
    • the ability to copy the current selection using a Ctrl-C or by right clicking>copy. (You can copy at the moment but only via the menu Edit>copy)
    • the ability to shift-resize a selection using, say, 15% steps. (This would then complement the existing 15 degree shift-rotate option)
    • the option to resize a selection from a corner (rather than just the centre)
    I think the fact there is a transform tool at all is totally awesome, but the above, would for me, make it really shine.

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    My suggestion is to give the possibility to view a less gummy bounding rectangle. Sometimes it's hard to align a selection just because the aligning detail lies under the bounding rectangle. I understand that "gummy is cooler" but i'd prefer the old, good xorred rectangle .

    Another sometimes annoying behavior is the center based resize algorithm. Somethines would be better to fix an edge and resize the opposite one.

    And, of course, perspective deformations (I know, I know there is a plugin...)

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    I'd like to echo uuderzo's suggestion about the centre-based only transforming with the transform tool on 'normal'.

    It would be so much more helpful if it was more flexible. Maybe you could choose an origin point or side/edge weighting rather than always pulling in or out from the centre. It's kind of frustrating when you draw something and think "oh, that need to be a touch shorter. I know I'll do a quick transform rather than redraw it" only to find you can't transform it from one edge - the top for example so the bottom area is still attached to the non-transforming image. It always goes central and then requires extra repositioning or possible resizing.

    Maybe it's from my time using Photoshop, but the transform works really well and seems intuitive to me. Pull a corner, it behaves how you think it would and it transforms from that corner. Hold 'shift' and it stays in proportion, hold 'alt' to modify and it becomes centre-based. I'd love to see something more akin to this in ArtRage, even though in real media it would be a case of 'rub it out and do it again, doofus'. It just seems a waste of a useful digital tool.

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    I'll put in my "yeh" for the extra features to the current transforming. While I've manage to work around it, I still often find myself wishing that I could stretch the selected area with it anchored from the top, left, right or bottom, rather then from the center.

    Since this thread was originally created in 2010, I'll just note (for any new users to ArtRage) that hitting delete will now clear a selected area (Jono's first point suggestion) and a selection can be copied/pasted using keyboard shortcuts "Ctrl+C" and "Ctrl+V" (Jono's second point suggestion).
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