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Thread: Comparaison:Painter and ArtRage

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    Comparaison:Painter and ArtRage

    I am an user of Painter since version 3 and now using Painter 11
    I recently beginning using Art Rage Pro 3
    I did today an experiment using watercolor brushes using the same drawing on both softs (using tracing paper and scan of pencil drawing i made before)
    I admit that Painter is more complete and i am an experimented user of it
    I don't understand right now all features of ArtRage but i discover these each time i load it
    This afternone i begin using Painter and after a while i don't really like my work with watercolor brushes
    After i tried with Artrage using differents watercolor brushes and find it is more easy to do my work and finally have a better result than the one on Painter
    Conclusion for me:i must learn more ArtRage and using it more and more

    Ps there is an option in Painter called Fade for just fade the power -effect of the brush we just have used Is it an option look like this in ArtRage???
    (i don't know if my observation is correctly explain ,i am a french speaking person)

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    Bonjour Martial,

    je ne sais pas si les deux images explique ce que tu cherche car j'ai jamais utilisé Painter.

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    painter 11 vs art rage3

    J'aussi apprends ArtRage3, mais assez intéressant j'ai eu les problèmes semblables avec l'aquarelle dans le peintre contre la facilité de l'aquarelle dans ArtRage.

    La multitude de brosses dans le peintre me maintient en arrière à elle car j'ai tant de favoris que j'emploie. En outre puisque je peux employer mon stylo de l'art 6D pour peindre avec dans le peintre et l'ArtRage doesn' ; profiter de t pourtant de ses possibilités (je pense que l'aiguille de stylo d'art d'Intuos 4 fait la même chose), je me trouve employer le peintre davantage. Je pense jusqu'à ce que je finisse par savoir que fureur d'art et comment acquérir les brosses qui simulent des acryliques et d'autres j'ira dans les deux sens. Je suis sûr qu'ils sont là, vous juste doivent sans interruption tordre les arrangements pour obtenir le même effet de brosse. J'aime avoir ma brosse facilement disponible.

    Quoi qu'il en soit, bienvenue à ArtRage3… Je convertis ceci dans le babelfish en Français, ainsi j'espère qu'il trouve par hasard comme on l'a prévu.

    (In English)
    I too am learning ArtRage3, but interestingly enough I have had similar problems with Watercolor in Painter vs the ease of Watercolor in ArtRage.

    The multitude of brushes in Painter keeps me going back to it as I have so many favorites that I use. Also since I can use my 6D art pen to paint with in Painter and ArtRage doesn't take advantage yet of its capabilities (I think the Intuos 4 Art Pen Stylus does the same thing), I find myself using Painter more. I think until I get to know Art Rage and how to acquire brushes that simulate acrylics and others I will be going back and forth. I am sure they are there, you just have to continuously tweak the settings to get the same brush effect. I like having my brush readily available.

    Anyway, welcome to ArtRage3... I am converting this in babelfish to french, so I hope it comes across as it was intended.

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    Thanks for answering
    I mean Fading option in menu not using the opacity of the layer
    you can use Fade on the same layer and only on your last brushing
    See the picture
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    The difference of painter versus ArtRage 3 Studio Pro:



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    I think that is similar to the fade filter effect in Photoshop. Only it is a fade brush effect in Painter. There is not such a feature in artrage.

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    I'm curious; I never saw this "fade" option in PainterX. How do you open it?

    In my job I use Painter's "Digital Watercolors" (New Simple Water, mainly) and I find it works in the opposite way of AR3 watercolors.
    In Painter your strokes are "wet" (this means, you can modify them) until you "dry" your work. Subsequent strokes don`t modify the bottom ones but "build up" over them, getting darker.

    In AR3 you can choose "dry" strokes from the start to get the obscurity you want and then apply "water" to dilute and modulate it. After so many years working in one way I find hard to get comfortable to do it in the opposite way.
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    @Bob Row,
    it is in edit menu that you can apply fade. it'll let you fade any action.
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    Bonjour martial,

    Is good to have ArtRage and Painter but I think it take a lot of time to learn how to use them, each one of us are learning one from each other,
    I can understand that you try to find a comparison between the two software
    and perhaps is not a bad thing especially if you need to use the both of them,
    I think is a matter of what you intent to do mainly ,
    the big advantage of the ArtRage is his facility but still , it is a very complex software and it takes a lot of time to master it .
    As long as I know, the ones who have the chance to have the two of them use them alternatively in function of their needs, isn't it wonderful ?!!
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    @flyashy: Thank you; good to know.
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