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Thread: Spanish localization?

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    Oct 2006

    Spanish localization?

    Hi, I'm a newbe to this forum, I purchased ArtRage2 one week ago for my new imac 20" :roll:

    then, maybe this kind of question is not welplaced here but…

    Could it be possible to localize ArtRage 2 to Spanish anytime soon? I could help if it was necessary


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    Ambient Design
    Hi Dante.
    One of the difficulties with doing language translations for ArtRage is that there is so much else that has to be translated as well.
    ArtRage Manual, application string file, installer strings, License agreement, Readme. ThumbMaker installer strings and readme. Updater installer, application strings, Readme.
    Sales pages, confirmation emails on receipt of the product.

    Then if we change anything, all the translations have to be updated before we can release.

    In addition, if people recieve a product in their language, they expect support in their language. So if we did a Spanish translation, we'd start receiving Spanish support requests. Google translations are rarely adequate for solving technical queries.

    So I appreciate the offer, but for the moment ArtRage isn't big enough to support more translations.

    An option we're considering for future versions of ArtRage is to release a 'translators pack', so enthusiastic people can do a translation of as much of ArtRage as they like and make it available as a language download for ArtRage. Community translations wouldn't be 'officially' supported by Ambient Design, but we would be able to point people at a site to download their language.
    But that's still on the 'to do' list.
    AndyRage's mantra for graphics engine code:
    "Sure - how hard can it be?"

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    thanks for you offer.

    I understand all the inconveniences of a localization and all the work it means.

    I think a release of "translators pack" will be OK and enough fo non-English people. As soon as you decide and release this package I'll help to build the Spanish localization.

    thanks again! :wink:

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