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Thread: How do you show overlapping petals?

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    How do you show overlapping petals?

    When you have things like overlapping flower petals or leaves etc. etc. that are the same color, how do you keep them showing separately?

    Instead of turning into a blob where they meet?
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    If you're using oils you could use the insta-dry option to prevent the paint blending with other paint on the canvas. I'm sure someone else can come with a much better suggestion though!
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    You generally do that by stopping thinking about individual leaves and starting thinking about the color and tonal spots they make.

    It's not necessary to paint every individual leaf in unless it's a close-up view. In fact, it's better to suggest broad tone and texture, not slave over individual leaves. Saves you time, and generally looks more natural if you do clump things together, and only suggest a texture here and there.

    Detail does not make the picture, it only enhances what is already there. If you begin with detail, there is virtually no chance you'll get it right. If you begin with a few broad spots and make them look right, then it will look right no matter how much detail you add.

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