I am going to state the obvious here. Why don't you just change your major. Having a computer degree won't mean there will be work for you. Conversely, neither will art. HOWEVER, if you really have all those pictures screaming to erupt from your imagination, then learn your tools. Take courses and learn the craft. Along the way you will find that there will be many opportunities for you to make money. I directed a play many many years ago (My degree is in theatre) and I needed a poster but I wanted it to look really good. I hired an artist who charged me 500 dollars. It drew an audience for my show and I made my money back--on a more humorous side, we had a problems with college kids stealing the posters for their dorm rooms it would seem. My point is, instead of dropping out, learn the tools and learn about all your industry possibilities. Don't start looking for a paycheck until you have the tools on your belt to make that happen. Good luck!