I think the ink tool currently smooths pressure (width) to some degree if you turn smoothing up really high, but I've often found myself wishing that I could turn just pressure smoothing on without turning placement smoothing up. I don't know how hard of a modification that would be, but it would certainly be a nice feature to see on the pen tool. When I'm doing more intricate work with the tool and I wish to use a light hand, the line can be a little jagged in terms of width, and if I turn smoothing up it relocates my line slightly, which is often fine, but sometimes is a real hurdle since I can't go in and directly modify the vector points. The lack of this feature is most noticeable with a moderate pressure setting and a large brush size when you wish to start a very small line which gradually gets thicker, especially if you have a sharp curve you need to perform.

I've been having a blast with the ink pen in AR3, you guys have done a stellar job with this program. I love the vector tools in the raster environment. I'ts the perfect compromise between the two extremes, and it works so well. Excellent work with this program!