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    A bit eerie.....and yep....morbid....but hey....not everything is pink....


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    Slack your rope Hangman, slack it for a while
    I think I see my true love coming
    riding many a mile
    true love have you brought me hope
    or have you paid my fee
    or have you come to see me
    hanging from the gallows tree?

    Yes, I have brought you hope
    yes, I have paid your fee
    no I've not come to see
    you hanging
    from the gallows tree.

    Made me think of this song Caicedo, except in your painting-she didn't make it in time.

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    very expressive drawing. most of your drawings have good lines and the black-red color scheme that made me think you are so brave to touch your inner side. Both bright and dark. somehow i see the bright and hope among these drawings especially your last painting, Star City, which is full of shinning stars. sometimes i found art can be a very powerful healing force.

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    Smile Thanks for the comments!!!

    Thanks Pai for your comment....well I dont know if Im that deep....but in a way yes...I (like everyone I guess) paint the way I feel...I do sometimes like to challenge people and take them out of the confort me there are some painting I do that probably will never see the light in public....

    Alexandra...thanks for the nice lyrics...who is the artist I wonder?

    Again thank you for your comments.
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    Well, it certainly makes a statement....
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