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Thread: Just a little help on which Drawing Tablet

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    Just a little help on which Drawing Tablet

    I've had a reasonable search here but haven't found a definitive answer. I've used Artrage 2.5 on my PC and MacBook for some time and last night did the whole whole upgrade to AR3 Pro for Mac.

    I find the 'interface' a bit constrained and have been lucky to experience a professional system with a small 'play' around. It certainly felt better.

    My choice so far is the Wacom Intuos4 (medium) for home use but can anyone give me a heads-up as to what features it has that aren't used by Mac Ar3 Pro?

    Thanks, Pete

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    You can't go wrong with Wacom - any of the series tablets. Intuos 4 is one of the best, AR3 uses the tilt /some of the tools/ and multi-touch. Good luck!
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    Yeah, go with a Wacom. When it comes to drawing tablets, I won't recommend any other brand, because the quality, and features, just aren't there.

    As far as which Wacom, depends on you. Do you have any experience with tablets? Tablets take a little bit to get used to. Some people just can't get over not looking at where you're drawing. If you're not used to a tablet, you may not want to go whole hog and get an intuos, only to find out that tablets aren't for you. If you are good with tablets, and plan on using it a lot, I definitely recommend the Intuos.

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    I use an Intuos III at home and a Bamboo Fun when traveling. Both are good, but the Intuos has a particular feeling that I cannot find in the Bamboo. (When money makes difference )

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