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Thread: Just a simple question

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    Just a simple question

    Hiya! I recently received ArtRage 2.5 as a Christmas gift and lemme tell ya, it's amazing! So amazing, I'm planning on getting an upgrade today or tomorrow!

    Now, the FAQ says that I'm allowed to put ArtRage on more than one computer. However, one of my computers is a Mac and the other is a PC. On the store page, it lists ArtRage for Mac and ArtRage for PC as two separate items. So, my question to the community is this: if I buy one that says ArtRage for X, will I still be able to download ArtRage for Y in the Member's Area, or will I be required to purchase the software twice?


    P.S. I would've just sent in my question at Help And Support in the Member's Area, but it gave me an error message every single time I tried to submit it.

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    Hi there,

    That's correct, if you purchase ArtRage for one platform, and you want to install it on an additional computer for your own use either with the same or a different OS, you can download either version from the Member Area via the 'My Products' page after registering your key.

    Sorry to hear about the problems sending a support request. Could you email me at to let me know the details of that? We are getting our web developer to correct this so it would be good to make sure that the problem you had is one that we're aware of. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Thanks for the quick response, DaveRage! You guys really go out of your way to keep your customers satisfied, and I greatly appreciate that fact!

    I've sent in a couple of screen captures showing my problem. Hope it helps!

    Edit: If it helps, I'm a Firefox user.
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