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Thread: Learning CS4

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    Question Learning CS4

    Does anyone know any good way of learning how to use CS4 (The Design package) for free?

    Thanks and have an awesome day,
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    There are many many great tutorials online, i won't link them here but pm me if you would like a few links. I am a self taught CS4 Photoshop user, meaning i scoured the internet to find information & tutorials and i also joined for 6 months to expediate my learning.

    Video tutorials are the best but in saying that there is also many great written tut's out there to be followed

    Another way to learn is by subscribing to a magazine, but you did say for FREE, i found by paying a little you can avoid a lot of rubbish, people teaching you things the slow way round, rather than showing you the most efficient way to do things
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    As Silentman said, there are a lot of tutorials out there, especially on Photoshop, some better, some not so good. Below are some of my favorite places to go:
    Series of videotutorials on how to paint (mostly, some other tips every now and then) in Photoshop:

    Several podcasts on Photoshop and other Adobe applications (plus some photography tips): (they do also have magazines etc, but those aren't exactly free =) or actually, while the magazine itself isn't free they've got a lot of tutorials and tips on the Layers Magazine website:

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    Thanks, I figured I would end up having to spend some money to learn it better...but Free is a better price

    I'll have to check this stuff out

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