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Thread: My coffee cup in Corel Painter X

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    My coffee cup in Corel Painter X

    I'm trying to force myself to learn Painter X. It's frustratingly slow going (I've been exploring it for a few days), especially when I just want to get an idea on "paper". In the future, I'd like to use AR to block out an idea, then use the features of Painter to flesh out the finished concept.

    This coffee cup was the first thing I saw next to my keyboard.

    Unfortunately, the coffee was cold by the time I was done (half hour).

    This could have been done so much faster and more enjoyably (for me) in AR but like I said I really want to learn this software.
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    Just for fun it would interesting to see you take another subject starting from scratch, say a dinner plate for example, and paint it start to finish in both programs and see how each comes out. Likewise, mark the time for each, ease of use, etc. Could be a fun test experience. I would enjoy seeing the results and hearing about your experience.
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    Go to There is a complete course on that program.

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    Holy crap. There's a lot of info here. Thanks Raybrite this looks like a great resource!

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