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Thread: Byron's Red Spot

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    Feb 2008
    Dear Caesar,
    If asked ... I would venture to say that Byron deliberately slathered that
    red spot on his nose as a reminder that he is low on #5 fire engine red
    paint and should order more before he is reduced to improvising with his
    jar of strawberry jam. (being the inventively creative type that he is!)
    Wonderfully whimsical ... you have me smiling and well painted!
    Mairzie Dotes

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    LOL Dearest Mair, first welcome back so as to, among other uniquely valuable contributions, raise sensibly the humour level of this Forum.
    Your assumption is probably the most correct, knowing our good friend Byron's complicate genius, as evident from his astoundingly complex and gorgeous creations!
    Finally thanks for appreciating this quick sketch too ...
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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