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    Search Party

    We just finished watching the second part of the Che Guevara movie, it is amazing! I was so inspired by Benicio Del Toro's wicked beard, I just had to paint a mountain man on the run from the robot militia. This is going into my collection of concept art for a game we'll hopefully be working on soon here at 8monkey Labs.
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    I am so glad that you were so wonderfully inspired, Monkeyscience! This is ever so creative and artfully painted!

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    It's a hoot, and a well done one at that.
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    Looks great!
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    if the game looks even 5% like the concept art here, I'd love to give it a whirl. I'm a simulation design programming major, so if you have betas you need tested by someone who knows how to give elaborate bug reports, I'm your man. =D
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    Fantastic art! Great concept and design! Just curious, how do you choose the palette for your images? I really like the value and color in this!
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    Like this, its really very good.

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    Robot militia? RUN!

    That is exciting painting!
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    Sweet Girl - I love your imagination. When your visuals catch up, you will be a true Force!

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    Thanks everybody!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sketchism71 View Post
    Fantastic art! Great concept and design! Just curious, how do you choose the palette for your images? I really like the value and color in this!
    I'm proud to say the palette did not come from a photograph, just lots of iteration and messing about . I've been painting a lot of photo studies lately, basically just copying photos I like the color and lighting in, and resisting the urge to use the eyedropper tool. Its a good way to force your eye to learn where specific colors live on the color wheel.

    But the training wheels came off for this painting and I went without any reference material just to see what I've learned. I found it a little scary at first but just keep pushing the broad strokes of the image ( and broad strokes are key!) in different directions until the lighting conditions start making some sort of sense in your brain. At that point you can start making informed decisions about how the lighting will interact with all the shapes and colors in the final scene. Once your lighting conditions become clear, it also gets much easier to push the lighting in different directions; more orange with purple shadows for sunsets, greyer light and very diffuse shadows for overcast skies, etc.

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