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Thread: A Fun Little Sticker

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    A Fun Little Sticker

    Recently my daughter got a book for her 5th birthday called Ed Emberly's Complete Funprint Drawing Book. She loves it. If you have never seen this book, it shows how to make little drawings with a fingerprint. It is very cute.

    I figured since there is a good chance that my daughter actually uses ArtRage more than I do I would try to make a sticker for her. I don't have somewhere to host a sticker sheet file so here are the images I used and a couple of examples of art that can be made from it. I won't go into how to make a sticker since I mostly bumbled around until I got it right. There are some good tutorials in the forums though.

    Name:  thumbprint5.png
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    Name:  sketch07.jpg
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    Very nice! It's a cool way of use one fingerprint.
    For my 8 years old son, the stickers also is the prefered toy to play into AR3

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    ha, i love thumb animals!
    ar3 is just the right medium for it
    thanks peabody, i saw this at amazon by klutz;

    cute :-)

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    I LOVE Ed Emberley.....we have the book at home...HearthSong sold it a few years ago with a set of ink pads and have really enjoyed it.....
    your thumb print is an excellent idea....
    PS. Our local library has a drawing video called Squiggles Dots and Lines by Ed Emberley that is also quite enjoyable....
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