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Thread: Hair + Fur Stickers - Colour bug??

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    Hair + Fur Stickers - Colour bug??

    Have been working my way through the Hair + Fur Group of Stickers. When using the Hair Brush preset there is some bug in the selection of colour for the preset. Irrespective of the colour I select, the colour shown on the canvas with the sticker preset always comes out as a shade of green??

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    The hue value for this preset is not set at a similar value for the others in its category, so you're seeing an offset from the selected colour. That looks like a problem with this preset. I've made a note for the preset to be changed in an update. In the meantime:

    If you open that preset, then open the Settings panel, click on 'Spray Variation', you can edit the various parameters. The Hue, Luminance and Saturation rows should be set to match the screenshot below, which is a screenshot of the corrected preset. You can set a value by right clicking on it and entering the value. The values are:

    Hue = 100% Tracing H
    Luminance = 50% Tracing L
    Saturation = 100% Tracing S

    You could then save a new preset ( 'New Preset' in the presets panel ) with those settings. I hope that's of some help!
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