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Thread: Interesting short look at an artist at work

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    Interesting short look at an artist at work

    This is an interesting look at how an autistic man from London is drawing NYC from memory. Just thought IŽd share.
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    Hi Scott: Yes, I've seen this before - and it boggles the mind. It's one of those encounters that is astonishing - forces you to think about who we are. You might not come up with answers, but any thoughtful person watching this has to ask themselves lots of questions. Great post.
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    This guy is simply incredible! Thanks Scott for sharing this. It makes one wonder many things of this young man and his underlying talents. To be able to draw from memory in this degree is astounding and provoking. Watching him do simple line drawing to achieve this beautiful work is another feat in itself...the sheer discipline it must take and physical strength to hold your arm up like that and stand for hours. Remarkable.

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    This guys is very interesting. I saw a different video of him taking a copter ride around a city in Europe ( I can't recall which) that he had never seen before. Again after a short tour he spent the next couple of days producing an extremely accurate drawing of the city. Really amazing. Thanks for posting Scott.
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    Oh some people will do anything for a free helicopter ride.

    Just kidding. Before someone hangs me for that comment.
    I watched a show on him. He is amazing.

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