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Thread: Palette - Paint Brand Color Sample Sets

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    Palette - Paint Brand Color Sample Sets

    I created several color palettes, based on existing paint brands.

    You're welcome to use them.

    Where the color can be different depending on the thickness of the layer of paint, I used the average of the color. In case of paint brands which do not name their colors, I numbered them, so they can be sorted in their original order on the color palette (Sort by Name).

    How to use:

    Copy *.col to the "your user directory"\Ambient Design\ArtRage 3\Resources\Colors folder (on Vista: C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Ambient Design\ArtRage 3\Resources\Colors).
    On the Color Sample palette, select "Import New Global Color Sample Set" or "Import New Local Color Sample Set" from the scroll down menu, then select the set you want to use in the window that opens.

    The following color sets are ready:

    Amsterdam oil colour

    Rembandt oil colour

    Rembrandt soft pastel

    Rembrandt water colour

    Talens ecoline colour

    van Gogh oil colour

    Gouache extra fine quality

    Two additional color palettes:

    van Gogh water colour

    St. Petersburg White Night water colour
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    Wow what a great selection thank you very much.

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    Thank You!!!!

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    Wonderful effort and contribution. Thank you.
    Just curious, how did you sample these to get them to be "true color" to their sources? How does one go about doing something like that?
    Appreciation fosters well-being. Be well.
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    Wow these are great Thank you

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    Wow, thanks!

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    thanks !

    thank you :-)

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    Thanks! What a delightful array of color palettes to share with us, Trurl! Like Bryon, I, too would be interested in knowing about the source. Making these palettes intrigues me!

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    First, thanks for your extensive work!

    I was wondering to what end you were going to use them? The reason I asked is that after several phone calls and e-mail exchanges with the Technical Labs at Golden Paints, I became aware of the many variables that all impact on the color samples we see in AR, Painter or PhotoShop and beyond, what actually prints on home printers.

    After I finish a painting and print it, I preserve the color and surface with UV protection. I then add real acrylics to the digital painting to create unique expressions of the project or to add depth and texture.

    So, of course, if could get accurate digital representations of the actual Golden Paint, I could simply use the same colors in the digital and in the applied acrylic and have a "perfect" match.

    Not so.....

    Some of the variables at play are:

    1) Calibration of the monitor(s) used to create the art. Not every RGB value looks the same on all monitors. Also, as the monitor heats up, colors change as well.
    2) Real acrylic paint colors used to paint digitally may not print because of the gamut limitations of the printer used.
    3) The color profile for the paper used will also interact with the gamut limitations of the printer as well as how that color appears on the monitor.

    Well, I can now pretty much get of out of my Epson 2880 what appears on the monitor most of the time. But adding the Golden counter part in acrylic is, at best, in the neighborhood, but no banana.

    My idea was to not have to tone any real acrylics to get a good blend with my printer art. From my experience with Golden products is that many of their acrylics are out of gamut in their pure state when printed digitally.

    Unfortunately, AR3 has no color management capability, so, for me, I have to export my work from AR to PhotoShop or Painter and deal with gamut/paper/printer issues there.

    Well, thanks for wading through this epistle. I don't want to minimize your efforts in any way. Nor do I want to suggest that I am an expert on color and real acrylics. Take what I have shared in the context of my experience.


    Jim Gahl

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    First off, I hope that my discourse did not offend anyone! I don't wish to be viewed as an in your face "expert" by anyone here. I do have to say that participating in other forums and making contacts with individuals who are way more knowledgeable than me about color and color printing had helped me get the kind of prints from my art that I want. If what I wrote about encourages anybody to explore the world of color - using it and printing with it.... I feel that I have returned the favors others have given me.

    Rose, you raise a good point.... about the Winsor Newton color palette I sent it to Karen Boneker after the John Derry Web broadcast. My experience was that the Winsor Newton color palette, for the most part, was not out of gamut when printed. I got some fabulous prints using the WN color palette with Hanehmule (sp?) fine art paper or Epson Watercolor Paper.

    Well, having a digital print with a water color look, I would never try an add more watercolor to it. Well, actually, I never have tried that, but my guess is that the pigments of the ink would not mesh well with real WN pigments. Hmmmmm.... maybe something to try.

    Ok, this was shorter this time.... give me a high five for that. LOL


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