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Thread: Mah' first fruit still life

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    Sep 2009

    Mah' first fruit still life

    Had an idea, so I whipped it out this morning in half an hour. OMG I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. I would have spent so much time fighting the tool settings in Corel Pinter.
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    Mar 2006
    LOL that's a nice one !
    Love to see more from you !
    Just say: "Rage It", because we already know it's art.

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    Jul 2009
    That is cute. I am wondering if you ate the apple or did the mouse eat it?

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    Mar 2007
    I'd tone down the grapes. They are too bright. Use a smoother, grayer green, hint on translucence.

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    Oct 2006
    Pennsylvania USA
    Dear Gryphern, Hello! what a terrific first painting!!! could be an illustration for a story,, like it a lot! really good job!! keep it up!

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    Aug 2009
    Under light, grapes, AND apples will both gleam. Not sure about the bananas, I don't have any in the house to look at either at the moment. The gleam on the grapes is good, try adding gleam to the apple and perhaps the banana. Looks great though! Love the mouse.
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    Mar 2007
    Bananas are dull. However, they spot all sorts of subtle texture like dark spots, blemishes, freckles...

    Apples gleam.

    Grapes are translucent and can gleam or be dull, depending on how much natural wax there is on them, which also creates a bluish "fog" on their surface.

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