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Thread: When, Where, How, did you first come across AR?

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    When, Where, How, did you first come across AR?

    Here is a post where you can detail
    When, Where & How
    you first came across and became interested in ArtRage!

    In my case it began through searching the web for
    Art / Digital Painting software about May 2009
    (downloaded and not long after forgot about AR program)

    Then I was inspired by discovery of AR forum Gallery postings
    mid September 2009,
    signed up late same month

    Uploaded first image November 2009

    Havent been able to disremember AR since!

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    Jun 2009
    I got bored of GIMP and Photoshop, so I decided to google different art programs. When I stumbled across AR, well, I couldn't ignore it, and I asked my mum to buy it for me!

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    I think it was 2006....There was not to many graphics programmes around..I found it doing a search. It was a free programme, and if I remember rightly, there was only one layer. The Rage boys were working hard because there was a small update about once a week .It was a lot of fun then, and it still is

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    Got my wacom tablet sometime last year. It came with Painter Essentials, which I (kind of) liked, so I started looking at what the official Painter would cost. LUCKILY, I checked Amazon, and read the reviews... gee, all the bugs in Essentials that were annoying me were ALSO in the $400 official version... FORGET IT! So I did some digging through Amazon and found ArtRage. Downloaded the demo, fell in love, bought the official version, and the rest is history :-)

    While we're discussing Painter, I'm not sure if it's just me, but the airbrush in ArtRage Studio Pro is *SO* much better than the one in 2.5... it was the one thing in Painter that I liked better than ArtRage. No more! The new ArtRage airbrush is great.
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    A few years ago,in a computer magazine ( on cd media) was the Starter edition Art Rage which I recorded on the computer for my kids and when I started to use AR I could not stop

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    After years and years of telling myself I'd pursue my as-long-as-I-can-remember interest in art, early 2008 found me finally buying pencils, paper, charcoal, etc etc. I found an online site (Drawspace) with numerous lessons as well as a gallery of others' works. Many in the gallery used something called "ArtRage" and I eventually visited the AR site coming away with the idea that this looked interesting. Two days later, I found AR2.5 in my local Target store and decided this was a sign. I bought it, loved it (still do) and never once questioned my decision. And now AR3 Pro consumes me! (Or perhaps I'm trying to consume it!)

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    The greenhorn here had a one shot chance for a computer and (I hoped) photoshop. I also got the bamboo tablet which came bundled with pse6 and painter essentials. I knew absolutely nothing about any of it but thought that I could handle it.

    After crashing around for 6 months I was ready to eat my losses and hang it up. A last shot on google for free painting programs led me to the free AR download and this forum.

    Compared to PS and Corel, AR was a breath of fresh air and the upcoming AR3 was actually _affordable_!

    Although I have yet to do an actual painting, I continue to experiment and hope to one day soon offer something for comment.

    The talent, diversity and sheer numbers of nationalities in these forums is impressive and inspiring.

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    Found it two years ago as a free program while searching for drawing software to use with my young children......loved it then, love it even better now!
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    Hello Iceaxe, well, maybe four years ago, a little more maybe,,,senior moment here, was looking through the Microsoft free downloads site and just typed in "Art" and WALLA!!!!!!!!!!!! jackpot!!!!

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    I was chatting to an old college friend of mine over MSN about having purchased a drawing tablet to brush up (pun intended) on my drawing skills again. During the conversation I brought up color blending, which ended up in a discussion about ArtRage, which a few people he knew were talking about with some enthusiasim. A search of Google and a Starter Edition download later, the urge to buy the full version outweighed my reluctance to purchase things online and I bought ArtRage 2.5.
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