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Thread: Snow Joke (pics)

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    Snow Joke (pics)

    Apologies to all those fed up up with snow and winter weather but us Brits don't get it like this often, I think the weather man said coldest stretch since 1982 and there's more to come.

    I wasn't sure if the road into town was passable this morning but needed dog food and beer, so I walked in through the forest... took about 2 and a half hours round trip.... and took these...

    Feel free to use any guys...
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    Very beautiful. A season to remember I'm thinking. Thanks for sharing with us. I seldom get tired of winter.
    Be well,

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    great photos Fraser, thanks for posting

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    Fraser great pics Thanks for sharing and I love winter.

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    Wow fraser great pics. I have some great ones too. I know what you mean about the cold weather the temperature didn't get much above -1c today, it's -5c now which for us is really cold. But we have not had any more snow in a few days so it's just a lot of ice I do love the snow

    Hope you don't mind Fraser
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    Beautiful pics Fraser. Thank you for taking the pressure off us this winter.
    We have had the most mild winter in years with so far a small dusting of snow. Last year it started in November and got up to twenty some inches in one weekend. A long winter. This year feels like we got someone elses' weather.

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    Good photos. We've had a cold winter in the prairie provinces of Canada too. Just got over a week of temps hovering around -40c. On the other hand, our summers can have extreme temps in the +40c's, and I complain about that equally
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    Can't say i'm loving it, but I'm not hating it. the kids love it too much for me to be annoyed, even though it's closed all the schools.

    The pictures are great! If I can restock my camera with batteries, I'll get some of my surroundings.

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    weather or not

    Dear Fraser, always love your weather photo's!, that touch of green ivy and sunshine in the snow, so pretty, will attach a little photo here if you don't mind, since the weather is a great conversation opportunity, way below freezing here and 12 days of steady snow, you're a tough cookie and doggy lover to trek for d-food!!! good job! stay warm!!!
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    Those are really beautiful..... as long as a heat wave hits a couple of days later. Then I will gladly admire the mud. We've had snow here in Kansas since christmas eve..... 15 inches give or take a smidgen all together. AND IT WON'T GO AWAY! LOL

    But the cold is the worst part.. we haven't been above 11F (- 12C) in 2 weeks. As I'm sitting here it's 1F (-17C). And yesterday at noon it was 3F (- 16C) and the wind chill was -16F (-27C). I WANT SUMMER!!!!!

    Huggs everyone......I need them! juliediane
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