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Thread: Filltool ignores stencil and fill whole canvas

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    Filltool ignores stencil and fill whole canvas

    Hi all,
    i created a stencil that has an odd behavior. I expected that the filltool
    fills the area inside the stencil borders only, but instead it fills the whole
    I created a second stencil and now the filltool works as expected.
    After that i made a new painting and tried to fill that odd stencil again.
    Result: Whole filled canvas
    The fill color for the odd stencil is blue.
    I don't see any gaps in that odd stencil that could explain this behavior...
    Can someone please try to find out why that odd stencil is an odd stencil?


    Here a shot and two stencils:
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  2. Well, I downloaded your “OddStencil.png”... deleted the white background in Photoshop and left the black outline and the white fill...
    If one deletes the white fill as well, the Stencil will just have the outline,

    Imported these PNG Image file to Layer... into ArtRage Studio 3...
    and created a New Stencil from Layer Content...

    Works fine hear, could apply any fill...


    Here you see how the Stencils should look like:
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    Many thanks for trying my stencils, Nolan

    Now i know the reason is somewhere and somehow in my odd
    system and not in my beloved AR3

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