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Thread: how to get full size of imported pic?

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    how to get full size of imported pic?

    Dear experts -- a dumb question from a newbie: I need to import a map and draw a line on it. I put the 8-1/2 x 11" paper on my scanner, import it as jpg to the computer, looks fine, then import it as layer to ArtRage, but that only shows the middle 5 square inches or so of the pic. I can resize that, play with it, etc., but can't seem to get ArtRage to capture the whole pic. I must be doing something wrong. Can someone advise?

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    You mean only part of the image is showing up? That doesn't sound right at all...

    It should import the whole jpg image.

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    Maybe the resolution of the imported picture is too high ?
    Scanners can have up 1200dpi resolution, in which case it is easy to have a picture of more than 10k pixels of width.

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    You should be able to rescale the image to fit the screen, but as Likoum mentioned, if the image is to large (in terms of image resolution) it might be imported to your new painting at a size that is to large to rescale using the transform handles. Instead, I'd suggest you first open the image in ArtRage using the Import Image File (not to be confused with the Import Image File to Layer) option. With the image imported, go to Edit > Resize the Painting and rescale the image to something closer to what you plan to work at. At which point you could export it and import as a layer as you planned or you could try using the selection tool to select the area you want and then crop the painting using Edit > Crop to Selection. You could also try using Edit > Crop / Expand Canvas to crop the image as well.
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