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Thread: Problems exporting images

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    Problems exporting images

    Can anyone shed any light on this one for me please? Just recently, and perhaps 20% of the time, when I click on 'export as image' my whole pc freezes and I have to restart, thus losing any work I've done - which is deeply annoying! I have plenty of free disk space on my computer.
    Thank you in anticipation..!

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    I don't know why that is happening but you'll get your answer faster if you'll also post info about your computer system and hardware specs, operating system specs, what version of AR, and if you notice this happening in specific situations but not in others, etc. These will be the first questions you are asked, so he more you can post now, the faster you'll move the marble.

    Meanwhile, until your problem is resolved, I think I'd always perform a save before trying to export the file.

    Good luck.
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    thanks Byron for the advice...I was kind of avoiding it because I'm not very good at all that technical stuff, but you're right, it would help a great deal I'm sure! Will see what I can do...

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    Just a few questions to see if we can narrow down the cause:

    Can you let us know the operating system you're using and whether the problem occurs when exporting only to a certain location, or in a certain file format?
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