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Thread: WIP: Waterfall Scene ...

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    WIP: Waterfall Scene ...

    Feedback? I want it to look more realistic and less cartoonish. Thanks!
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    Wow; still no feedback? Jesus. Gonna move this to the Gallery subforum ...

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    You might find Khalid Ipda's waterfall tutorial useful. I just whipped up my first one (attached to the post). It's far from finished (missing lots of rendering).

    I noticed it helps if you separate the scenery behind the waterfall to a layer of its own. This way it's easier to manage the opacity of the waterfall (water is not solid when it falls down a waterfall, some of the background shows through).

    Focus on the main solids (water mass, environment) first. Keep lighting in mind! Decide where the main light comes from and remember atmospheric scattering as some light reflects from the clouds. See this tutorial for further details. Having some idea of lighting helps you to figure out which values to use (darker value in shadow, lighter in light obviously ).

    Before painting anything it might be worth your while to find some reference material and come up with an initial sketch so you have issues to solve during it. See Flickr for instance.

    I hope that gave you some idea on how to proceed.
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    Have since abandoned this painting and deleted it from my computer, but really, thanks. I did use some of Khalid's tips on painting water when I did my most recent painting (which has a body of water in it in the form of a lake). Very instructive and helpful. Wasn't glad with how the painting looked in the end; I just couldn't get it "right." But I appreciate your trying to help, though!

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