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Thread: Not a children's story...

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    Not a children's story...

    I just got done reading to my daughter before she went to bed and this came to me. Not my style at all but just an image that I wanted to get down.

    Picture this: you're, say, 8 years old. Your mom (mother of the year) decides to leave you and your little sister home alone in a storm. So you two are sitting there minding your business when all of a sudden a 6-foot-tall Man-Cat kicks in the door. He's not there to rob you- it's much, much worse. He wants to play a game (a la Jigsaw from Saw 1 thru 17). Fortunately he cleans up before he leaves but not before leaving you and your sister in need of a lifetime of therapy.

    It sounds like a nightmare to me but I guess if you rhyme all the words it's a sure-fire classic.

    "I know some good games we could play" said the cat.
    "I know some new tricks" said the cat in the hat.
    "A lot of good tricks- I will show them to you.
    Your mother will not mind at all if I do...."
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    I always thought there was a subtle horror hidden in Dr. Seuss. "The Ten Happy Fingers of Doctor Terwilliger" is a good example. But then, I also think clowns are creepy.

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    Nice job on this original piece. He really looks a bit creepy tho
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    Neat. Nice hat! Creepy cat.
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    Sweet Girl - I love your imagination. When your visuals catch up, you will be a true Force!

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    Creepy cat in a hat, its great
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    Looks like the The Cat in the Hat and The Grinch had a child, pictured here.

    Thing One and Thing Two also had a baby which they called SomeThing Fishy, also pictured in this scene.

    The paternity test is being handled by Maury Povich.
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    He's the cat in the hat there's no doubt about that.
    A mighty fine cat at that.

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