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Thread: The Green Fairy (UPDATED)

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    The Green Fairy (UPDATED)

    What keeps me warm on a cold winters night you ask?

    This stuff, mmm boy.

    If your not careful, it will put you under the table real quick.

    I dabbled around with the gloop pen, watercolor brush and the regular brush for inking lines and a little mechanical pen.

    I had fun with it. I adore the sloppy look

    Ralph Steadman, one of my heroes, would either be proud, or roll around a couple of times in his grave, fortunately, he's not dead yet

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    Cool blot-stain things!

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    I had some of that stuff recently. Not bad! Fun painting. That would look great hanging in a restaurant.

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    Whoa whoa whoa! This is AWESOME! This kind of art makes money! Seriously, framed on a wall in a kitchen or in a magazine as advertisement. It is beautiful, professional but with a human touch. This is a top notch style! Very well done... Now show us all how you did it!!
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    Outstanding. I agree with Sketch. Fine piece of work.

    How many shots of this before you started painting????

    I gather you are among the new bohemians from 1900???

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    Sketchism, with all those inperfections it is very charming work and i love it.

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    Echoing some of the above, yup this is commercial looking stuff Picaso. I thought it was still illegal in The States so I stand corrected there.

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    Thank you all for your kind, generous comments as always

    Sketch, Byron

    I had about 3 glasses of Milk and Kaluha's during this painting session actually. Kaluha doesn't really give you a buzz, just tastes great.

    But, to answer Sketch's question...

    I started by flushing out the bottle and glass with the brush tool on the "everlasting" setting, maybe 2% for a nice thick thin line approach.

    I then went to work applying the greens to the bottle and glass. I went heavy with the gloop pen, ink blotting the edges, mind you, i'm juggling all kinds of green hues and tints. I then went in with different sizes of a "frosted" knife, smudging here, mixing here, that's how i achieved the really cool multi-textured effect. The last thing i put on the bottle was a little white chalk for the highlights and some little white splotches on the glass with the gloop pen.

    Next step I layed down a nice sepia wash for the foreground. I covered the bottom completely and then used the eraser to remove and create the desired shape I wanted. Then i added the shadow and additional splotch effects with the gloop pen for texturing. Again a little help from a frosted knife for mixing and smudging.

    I then added the text on the bottle using a pleasing font, something that related to the culinary genre? Heh

    Last thing i did was the splotchy border with the gloop pen, I think at 20% and a solid fill, I just kinda let my hand make a box, applying heavy pressure here and there to achieve the ink blot effect. It's a great little tool. I wish it had additional settings for more chaotic blots and ink spill effects y'know? But i'm very satisfied with the tool.

    About 7 or 8 layers all n all

    Once again, thank you everyone


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    I like it pica
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