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Thread: 3.0.5. Performance

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    3.0.5. Performance

    Today I took advantage of the promotional offer for Artrage Studio Pro 3.0.5 -- and I'm about to regret it. After so many hours of fun with 2.5, 3.0.5. is way too slow to be used on my PowerMac G5 2x 1.8 GHz / 3 GB RAM / 10.4.11.

    Guess at least the scratch drive should be user definable to prevent stuffed boot drives being used for the undo stack… Well, back to 2.5, which is still fun to use. Maybe people should be told PPCs aren't a good choice for vs. 3…

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    We did increase our minimum specifications for ArtRage Studio/Pro but it may be that there is something specific causing the problem here rather than the generally higher spec.

    Real Color Blending is one possible cause of slowness. Turning it off can improve speed so if it's on try it without that option, the old 2.5 style colour blending should be snappier. Can you also let me know if you are using images of the same kind of size and layout as in 2.5? Also, are you using lots of unflattened stickers via the spray? Spraying thousands of unfixed stickers around can happen accidentally if you turn off Autoflatten and that can really eat up resources.
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    Just an idea : maybe it would be helpful to have a sticky post with a table that shows possible performance issues caused by the different tools or options ?
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