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Thread: ArtRage & Wacom 6D Art Pen!

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    ArtRage & Wacom 6D Art Pen!

    Well, this pen rocks in Painter. It behaves just like I have my paintbrush back in my hand. However, in Art Rage although it doesn't take advantage of the amazing tilt features that move with your hand in the direction it is going naturally., it still behaves beautifully. I cannot explain it, it acts different than my normal stylus. It is very different. It behaves more like a brush and although the stylus should behave the same in ArtRage, it is distinctly different. I love it. I hope perhaps with the technology changing so rapidly with tablets etc., that AR will be able to take advantage of this awesome pen. I am only sorry I did not get it sooner.

    I have Wacom Intuos 3 tablets. It states it works with Cintiq and with the Intuos 3. I don't know about Intuos 4, but I got it to replace the stylus I dropped into a cup of coffee. At first I was upset with myselt, but it was indeed a blessing in disguise.

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    but I got it to replace the stylus I dropped into a cup of coffee
    hehehe sorry i don't mean to laugh but i got this impression you mistook the holder for a coffee cup and said oH!!! .... lol
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    Thanks for sharing that, I have a birthday coming up and think I will drop some hints...sounds great.
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    Hmmm, I did get this pen for my Birthday yesterday, and--nice pen and all--but not really much different than the pen that came with the wacom, which for some reason actually at this point seems to be outperforming it somewhat.
    The marks produced are much the same, with just a slight diff in the feel of the pen against the pad. I loaded what new drivers I could find from Wacom, but it is still lacking a real difference. I also miss the click button and eraser of the original, though could live without them if it had benefits otherwise....
    I went into system prefs and made adjustments, but no big deal there.
    I am on a Mac, don't know if that is making any difference?
    At this point, I may just send it back unless someone has some ideas what I might have missed??
    In general, is it my imagination or is pressure sensitivity different ( and less) with Artrage 3?
    And I agree, too bad whatever cool thing the artpen is suppose to do, does not happen with Artrage.
    Well, it was worth a try!
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    Windows update for Wacom

    A couple of days ago when I went to update Windows 7 64 bit there was an update for the Wacom tablet.

    I let it install but I have no idea how it was supposed to be better than the original driver. My tablet seemed to work ok before the update and, as far as I know, is working fine now too.

    But, before anyone abandons the tablet or their favorite pen for it, make sure you have the latest updates for the tablet. This one came from Windows update rather than from Wacom so it puzzles me a bit.

    But, it works, so not to worry I suppose.
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