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Thread: Communion (lighting/layer practice)

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    Communion (lighting/layer practice)

    Roughly one hour- you could say this is inspired by world of warcraft because I chose the colors based on what you commonly see in some areas of the game.
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    Looks neat and exciting! World of warcraft? It reminds of Terokkar forest right?

    I have quitted that game and still keep people talk about it.
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    Sweet Girl - I love your imagination. When your visuals catch up, you will be a true Force!

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    Well, I was thinking more of Teldrassil when I painted this, but now that you mention it, it reminds me of Terokkar too!

    Here's a pic of Teldrassil;
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    The first one looks like a scifi scene, and the second one looks like a scene from a video game. I love to play video games Nice work!
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    Both are out of this world,Terrific work

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    Sorry guys; I should point out that the second pic is actually from World of warcraft- I was just pointing out the location in the game that I was thinking about when I painted my piece.

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    No problemo. Yours looks magical and a quick read almost as if we're chasing the glowing lights. The lower one while professional has an awful lot of detail so it's much slower getting through it. And the environment is the star. Those little glowing lights would get lost without the element of movement as in a game or animation of some kind.

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    Great painting! Very compelling and mystical colors indeed! I can see how the visual graphics of the game could inspire this. I really like the canvas texture as well...What did you use for that? Well done Justin!
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    Eerie and unearthly colour combination. almost altered state of consciousness. Very effective

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