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Thread: Amy on the rocks

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    Amy on the rocks

    After days browsing this forum to see only a portion of the art, and viewing many of the tutorials here, I decided that I was going to try a picture with water in it. After all, it was supposed to be easy, according to the good word I got here.

    Turns out it's not as easy as it was made out to be!
    At least for me. In any event, it's been good practice, and I can always come back to it later once I've made a little progress on my technique.

    This is from a photo of my daughter while we were on vacation in Taiwan. It's down at the end of a hiking trail in Taroko Gorge National Park. The painting is all oil, and WAY too much knife, I know that. Done on two layers, one for the background, one for my daughter.

    I've also included the photo, and the rough sketch I traced to get me started. (not sure why I'm doing that...)
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    This is beautiful and excellent painting. Really like it. I like your own style of brush strokes for that water and very well blending too.

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    Well, this is quite excellent, first of all. Very interesting that the first piece I did when I got 3.0 was a piece on moving water (See Stepping Stones,Moving Water). I used one layer, oil brush, and lots of knife. So we seem to have gone the same direction. If you look at my piece, you might see that I used more extensive (Longer) knife pulls to achieve that flowing look. Personally, I think you did a superior job here, with no reason to be hard on yourself.

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    Wow I think this is fantastic. Love the water.

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    Thumbs up So realistic rocks


    When I was little (about 50 years ago), the art teacher tried to teach me how to paint rocks and rivers and that was the last time I tried. It is however, my dream to be able to accomplish the rocks and rivers one day. This painting shows incredible skill on brush strokes, fantastic results! Love the relaxing atmosphere too!

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    Wonderful painting, well done on the rocks, the water and of course your beautiful daughter.
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    Beautiful painting.....excellent work on the water
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    Lovely painting, subject, colour and strokes and I really like your water effect

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    This is beautiful. Great work and seems skillful in the execution. Agree with some others - don't be hard on yourself - this is a fine piece of painting and you handled the tools marvelously. I giggled at your "way too much knife" self-admonition. If you could paint the entire painting with nothing but the knife, that would be fine - some painters both real-media and digital use almost no other tool - that's the way the like to work. They'd be up the creek without a paddle if they felt their work had "way too much knife." I love this painting whether knife, hammer & nails or kitchen blender.
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    This is brilliant! I hope to be as good one day. I really like that you put the other two photos in with your work, it helps people like me to see how to come to the end result. Lovely, simply lovely. Thanks for showing it.
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