I have tons of stencils I use to quickly visualize a composition (thumbnails) before I start working in depth with values. I like to keep these stencils organized logically using folder hierarchies, however, artrage seems to only read for the top level group directories within the stencils directory...In other words, if I have: "../stencils/animals/birds" Artrage will only show stencils within "../stencils/animals" directory. I could always move the 'birds' directory up one level, however, with over 60 groups of stencils and each group containing many stencils this gets really messy and inefficient, defeating the purpose for using the stencils in my situation (efficiency).

I'd like to see Artrage read for subfolders and perhaps display them using the typical file browser tree hierarchy.

Until then I've renamed all my subfolders appending the parent names as seen below:


...and so on

It would also help if the group names are left justified instead of centered.