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Thread: Noob question: Please help?

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    Noob question: Please help?

    OK first off, I am SOOOO sorry because I'm sure those of you who frequent this forum have heard this question a million times. I've tried to search for the answer but I'm coming up empty and I feel really stupid asking this because I'm sure it's something simple. I'm new to AR and every once in a while, for reasons unknown to me, the eraser end of my wacom bamboo pen won't work as an eraser. It acts like whatever tool I currently have selected. Is this a setting in the bamboo properties or the AR preferences?? I'm just running the demo right now, FYI. I'm having so much fun with it I know I'm going to buy it. Anyway thanks in advance for your help.

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    This wouldn't be expected behavior. You will assist the tech support team if you additionally describe your operating system, your ram, and your bamboo pen settings, and ink services and precise pen mode settings in the AR user preference settings. Likewise the clearer your discription of the behavior the easier it will be to help nail it down. Finally, do check to ensure you have your latest tablet drivers. Those Wacom drivers, if not current, can produce some strange results. This is a weird one so any details you can provide will assist the team getting to the bottom of it.
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    This is a problem that should have been squashed, or similar to it, if you can give the full details on what your painting, what version of Artrage your using and your system info and so on like Byron said, it would help immensely

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