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Thread: Limited size of tools.

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    Limited size of tools.

    I usually am working at a minimum of 3000 px but more often larger than this. I wish the size of the oil, water color and air brushes could expand far beyond the current maximum. Similar to how photoshop lets you resize tools unlimited by the canvas size.

    This would be quite helpful. I often have my works printed using a chromira at 40"30" or 60"x40" and prefer not to every uprez the work for quaility related purposes.

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    Hm, AR3 lets you resize to 500%, which i believe is above the needed size for any painting. However, the brushes in Artrage have totaly different interaction with the canvas compared to PS, thus way use more resources when oversized. I have pretty good rig, made especially for painting, and working with brushes at their max size /500%/ is really hard - talking about lag here.
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