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Thread: If you have a Wacom "Bamboo Fun" Tablet

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    If you have a Wacom "Bamboo Fun" Tablet

    I have been having some major difficulties getting my tablet pen and windows mouse to behave in the same way

    Each AR tool has had its idiosyncracies
    Gloop pen would do zero on tablet
    Gloop pen normal on mouse

    Oil tube would only do cylindrical shading on tablet
    Oil tube would do both longitudinal and horizontal (c shape squeeze) shading on mouse (i.e. behaves normal)

    Some tools were same but vastly different output size

    Have since discovered that resetting the active touch area on tablet to full size appears to correct most problems so far

    Has anyone else
    experienced this behavior?
    got any tips re "Bamboo Fun"?


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    The most common cause of differences in tool operation between mouse and stylus is the Pressure of the tool. Because the mouse doesn't support pressure we have to set a default pressure value for it when it's used and this means you may see different results. Tools such as the Gloop Pen are heavily pressure dependent so may look completely different.

    It sounds like you've found a way to force the pressure system to reset, which will probably help. Driver updates may help with this, but you should find if you just use the stylus in ArtRage that it settles down pretty quickly. Do you use the mouse as well as the stylus in the product?
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    I use Bamboo Fun as my mouse and drawing tool, so I can't report any differences, but I haven't had any issues,

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